"J'ai besoin d'une poêle pour faire des crêpes."

Translation:I need a frying pan to make some crepes.

July 13, 2020

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What's wrong with "I need a frypan to make crepes" ?


This really doesn't sound like "poele" to me however many times I play it back. The french pronunciation is poor, and I have reported.


She pronounced it a little like your last name, Simon Powel! Actually, it sounds like she says poile when I expect to hear pwelle.


Crepes are not fried. One has a crepe pan for making crepes. Frying implies that you are cooking something in fat. Once a crepe pan is cured, you do not add more butter to make crepes.


This is wrong. A frying pan is generally any pan with shallow sides (as opposed to a saucepan or a wok). Nor does frying only apply to deep-frying in fat; you can also pan-fry on a shallow layer of oil or fat, as is done with crepes. Although you can get specialist crepe pans with very shallow sides, they're really just a variant of frying pan, and in any case you can make crepes in any type of frying pan.


The "poêle" which we were given by a Provencale French exchange student (because Dad loved the crêpes that she prepared, even with a traditional British ~3cm deep frying pan) was about 8mm thick cast iron with about 1mm of lip at the edges and 400mm across - weighs 4 or 5 kg. It is a VERY different beast to a "frying pan". And indeed, it only needs an occasional brushing with oil or butter to cook both hot and "dry". Very different beast. One would change the way you cook. (Also, it's still working 40+ years later, after the frying pan had at least one re-riveting of the handle.)


More accurately, Poele a Crepes.


Exactement! Comme ceci https://www.scandi-vie.com/poele-fonte-crepe-lodge-housse.html La "housse de protection" est obligitaire! (Ou on fait un housse en corde et remplacez-la toutes les deux décennies.)

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    In America, a pan is defined by its general shape, not its usage. We have pots and pans, pots are deeper. Since I don't make crepes in a pot, and I certainly don't fry them, I choose "I need a pan..."


    I thought we were supposed to translate. Crêpes = pancakes. Also, "some" is optional here.

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