"Bha mi anns a' Chuimrigh."

Translation:I was in Wales.

July 13, 2020

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is the -righ at the end of Cumrigh at all etymologically linked with 'Rìgh'?
I wouldn't imagine so, but just in case?


I’m pretty much sure it is not.

I’d guess it’s just a way Gaels adapted Welsh Cymru (which itself apparently comes from PCelt. *kom-morgi through a metathesis *kom-mrogi – but I don’t think /ɡ/ in this explains this -igh, since afaik Welsh got rid of lenited /ɡ/ pretty early and afaik Cuimrigh is fairly recent borrowing).

So I think -igh here is just a way to spell the ending /-ɪ/ (cf. also cofaidh with another funny way to spell /-ɪ/ at the end of a word).


suspected would have been cool though :P

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