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  5. "At least we have some water."

"At least we have some water."

Translation:Wij hebben tenminste wat water.

August 7, 2014



Wat versus sommig?


Are the meanings of "Tenminste hebben we wat water" and "Wij hebben tenminste wat water" slightly different as they would be in English?

In English I would take "At least we have some water", to mean, "Of all the things that have happened, at least we have some water", and "We have, at least, some water" to mean "Of all the things we have, at least one of them is water".

Or does this difference not apply to Dutch?


It does, but I can't explain sorry.


Why doesn't, "Tenminste hebben we iets water," work?


Iets is something.


I knew it was "something" but I swear I've seen it used at "some" on here.


I think 'Iets' can have two meanings:

(1) As an adverb it can qualify an adjective or a verb and can then be translated by 'somewhat', 'a little', and is similar to 'een beetje'.

Ik ben iets groter dan mijn broer. - I am somewhat/a little bigger than my brother.

(2) As a noun meaning 'something'.

Ik heb iets voor je. - I have something for you.

If you want to use 'some' in the same way as the English adjective you can use 'wat' for an indefinite number of things:

Ik zie wat mannen. - I see some men.

Or you can use 'sommige' when you want to show there is a small amount or number of something:

Zij heeft sommige ervaring. - She has some/a bit of experience.

I think (and hope) that this is all correct :P


Ah, I get it. Thanks for explaining!


Why does "In ieder geval hebben wij wat water" not work?


It worked for me just now. (March 15, 2015)


Could you say: Gelukkig hebben we wat water?


I believe that's more like "Luckily we have some water" or "Fortunately we have some water."

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