"If it's Louis who is calling, put him on for me."

Translation:Si c'est Louis qui appelle, passe-le-moi.

July 13, 2020

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This is a totally new phrase: "Passez-le-moi" "Put him on for me?"


It means "pass him to me" but we use it in the context of phone calls. Even though it's the phone or the call that we're really passing, we say it like if we were passing the person who's on the phone.


Merci beaucoup!


How would you say pass me to him? Passe me lui?


It would be "moi" rather than "me" and it wouldn't work with two pronouns so you would have to say "Passe-moi à lui", but you would not say that. Actually, if the passing of the phone happened on the other side you would still say "passe-le-moi".


If Louis is calling, he is already "on" so you can't put him on. You can put him through to me or put me on for him, though, and that is what the French says.


I was thinking that appelle being a vowel-staring word and coming after qui, the two will be contracted in qu'appelle. Why is the contraction not accepted here?


Why is it not passe-le à moi? Would that be acceptable?

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