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"Personne ne sait se situera la fête."

Translation:No one knows where the party will be located.

July 13, 2020



"No one knows where the party will be" or "no one knows where the party will be held" - either sound better than ending the sentence with "located".


don't know about "Nobody knows where the party will take place" but accepted.


After a while, you just get used to their way of translating from French (or other Duo language) rather than translating into everyday English.


What's the better choice of word order: ... se situera la fete or ... la fête se situera?


"se situera la fête" is better. In fact, I would recommend to stick to this i.e. verb+object/subject for all the romance languages.


no one knows where the party will take place, should be correct ?


Why isn't there "pas" in this sentence?


Types of negation in French:

ne ... pas

ne ... plus

ne ... jamais

ne ... rien / rien ... ne

ne ... personne / personne ... ne

ne ... aucun / aucun ... ne

As you can see, "Personne ... ne" doesn't require "pas". (Credit: Sitesurf)


Is "nobody knows where the party will be situated" really wrong. If so how would you say it?


The two words can be used almost interchangeably. Located simply refers to where something is. Situated is a bit more specific and most often refers to an environment rather than just to an address.

eg. Located at 101 Glory Street

& Situated on a tree-lined boulevard in a tony office park

Situated would sound a bit stilted here. But, if that's how you would like to say it, please report it via the flag button.


Yes, I agree with Helen's comment ... "... will be held" is a much more colloquial usage in American English.


and British English. Still rejected 9/3/21


Situated, held are just as valid as located but both are rejected


Sounds as though it's going to be a quiet affair!


"where the party will be held" not accepted but "where" and "held" give the clues to location. Duo must learn colloquial English!


No one knows where the party will be held. - rejected and reported. More alternatives please Duo.


Will take place in UK English


I strongly suggest you hire a couple of well-educated native speakers of English to do your translations.


This sentence is very good in both languages. Personally, I would worry more about the crucial aspects of the French language being taught here:

  • Negation word (personne) used as a pronoun.
  • Sait vs connait
  • The sentence construction with clause
  • Reflexive verb (se situera) used to form passive voice -- especially difficult and important.
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