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"You used to try to not be scared of monsters."

Translation:Vous essayiez de ne pas avoir peur des monstres.

July 14, 2020



Why is it sometimes it is ne pas and other time it is ne.... pas?


"Tu essayais de ne pas avoir peur des monstres" not accepted


I also reported it. It has been a month that you did.


EN: monsters (not the monsters) FR: des (de + LES = des) monstres I'm wondering why!?


There is an expression avoir peur de quelque chose. So if you want to say "fear of the st, you say peur de les qc, which must be said as peur des qc.

So maybe this is a mistranslation by Duo. It could be " scared of the monsters. It might be better to say peur de monstres to match Duo's sentence.


The Lawless French page is a good reference. Because, per item 5 of the page, this is a negative construction ("ne pas avoir peur...") I think that "...de monstres" is correct.


Just got marked incorrect for de monstres.

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