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  5. "Are you ever homesick?"

"Are you ever homesick?"

Translation:Onko sinulla koskaan koti-ikävä?

July 14, 2020



could somebody explain why "onko teillä koskaan koti-ikävä" is wrong?

[deactivated user]

    It should be marked as right.


    thank you. reported.


    And now it is accepted. Thank you for your report.


    Why is olettko marked wrong


    The 2nd sg. of "to be", olla, would be olet and the question form thereby oletko (just one t). The 2nd pl. forms would be olette resp. oletteko. So you have a typo there.

    But what is more important, is that English expresses that feeling by "you are homesick", while Finnish uses the possessive construction "sinulla on koti-ikävä". And from those you construct the questions.


    "You" is both "te" or "sinä". It is not possible to see wich one is right when there is no response like "me" or "minä". This leads to fails although one knows the grammar.


    According to a comment here both are accepted.


    Why is "oletteko teillä koskaan koti-ikävä" marked as incorrect?


    While in English you are homesick, in Finnish you have homesickness. So you say

    • sg. Onko sinulla koskaan koti-ikävä?
    • pl. Onko teillä koskaan koti-ikävä?

    because the idea of "to have" is expressed by sg. adessive of the pronoun + sg. 3rd of the verb olla, to be:

    • Minulla on koira : I have a dog.
    • Sinulla on koira : You/Thou have a dog.
    • Hänellä on koira : He/she/they has a dog.
    • Meillä on koira : We have a dog.
    • Teillä on koira : You have a dog.
    • Heillä on koira : They have a dog.

    See also Uusi kielemme.

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