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  5. "Mansikki on nätti lehmä."

"Mansikki on nätti lehmä."

Translation:Mansikki is a pretty cow.

July 14, 2020



Who else came here because of Mansikki


What is the difference between 'Söpö' and 'Nätti'?

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They mostly correspond to "cute" and "pretty" respectively. In Finnish, nätti usually has the connotation of kaunis (beautiful) to at least some extent, whereas söpö is just something very cute not necessarily considered beautiful per se.

E.g. babies, small animals, and other little things are often described as söpö. Nätti then is usually used as milder or more colloquial version of kaunis, e.g. nätti tyttö (pretty girl), nätti auringonlasku (pretty sunset).


Söpö means cute, nätti means pretty


The hint says "traditional cow name"...does that imply you wouldn't come across a human with that name?


Yeah, you wouldn't. :) "Mansikki" comes from the word "mansikka" (strawberry) and "Mustikki", another traditional cow name, comes from the word "mustikka" (bilberry, blueberry). The -kki ending makes them into names, and naturally there are also people names ending in -kki, such as "Kyllikki" or "Annikki".


This is why I put strawberry as I vaguely remembered the word from an earlier attempt at learning finnish. I'm glad I wasn't completely wrong.


You answered the question i came here to ask! Thanks!

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