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"Excuse me, do you speak either French or English?"

Translation:Anteeksi, puhutko sinä ranskaa tai englantia?

July 14, 2020


[deactivated user]

    Puhutko ranskaa tai englantia? = Do you speak either French or English?

    Puhutko ranskaa VAI englantia? = Which one of these do you speak: French or English?


    Why isn't "either ... or" translated as "joko ... tai"?


    "joko...tai" works as a translation of "either...or" and here too grammatically, though it would be so forceful it sounds already a bit like a threat. "Do you speak either French or English and heaven help you if you don't"


    They are different questions now. Joko(either) is required to make it poissulkeva tai(exclusive or). Someone who speaks English AND French would answer "No" to the English question, but "Kyllä" to the Finnish question.


    I'm also taking French, and I wrote "excuse-moi." Dumbest mistake I've made to date.


    What is the difference between puhutteko and puhutko?


    "Puhut" is the 2nd person singular while "Puhutte" is the 2nd person plural, which both translate as "you" in english :) So if you use "puhutko ...", you are asking a single perso nif they speak the language, while "puhutteko ..." is to adress a group of people.


    If you want to be polite speaking to a stranger, you say "Puhutteko englantia?"


    I thought that would be if you were speaking to more than 1 stranger


    I assume the question is because in romance languages, the second person plural doubles as a polite single person address (at least in French and Spanish, I know)


    I'm struggling with the "vai" and "tai" thing. In another discussion, someone said you only use "vai" in questions. So, in this example question why is it "tai" and not "vai"?


    Vai is for when it's a choice between two options, like, "Do you want chocolate or vanilla?"

    Tai is for when it's an and/or situation with a yes/no answer, like, "Do you have any milk or cream?"

    Edited to add: This is just when it's used in questions. Vai is used only in questions, but tai is used in questions AND in statements, like "That bottle has either milk or cream in it."


    I'll just add that vai can have more than two options, but only one is ever chosen.

    Haluatko suklaata, vaniljaa vai mansikkaa?


    Thanks, I was actually wondering about that right after I commented!


    Thank you! Got it now.

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