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  5. "Liisa on ujo tyttö."

"Liisa on ujo tyttö."

Translation:Liisa is a shy girl.

July 14, 2020



Me. The pronunciation on tyttö sounds like typto or tutto, it is hard to pronounce.


It sounds correct though. You pronounce Finnish double consonants by holding the position for a little longer. Here, you keep your tongue in "t" position, and then release. In the case of t, k, and p, the first part is silent and the sound is formed only when you release and go on to the next vowel. Double consonants are very common in Finnish, so you just have to get used to it.


Anyone else use "Leesa" instead of "Liisa?"


I wrote lisa and it was wrong


The Finnish i sound is not as closed as in some languages, so you may hear it as ee if you're not used to Finnish sounds. However, the name is spelled with two i's, and it pronounced with a long i sound, like in English "meet" (or that's what we think the English sound is). Leesa is not a name in Finnish, as far as I know.


I typed in Finnish but it kept telling me I typed in English.


Doesn't feel right to fail on the questione for only writing "Lisa" instead of "Liisa"


Learning to hear the difference between long and short vowels early on helps you a great deal in the long run. :)

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