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"Tha mi air bhioran a-rithist."

Translation:I am excited again.

July 14, 2020



Can anyone explain 'r' pronunciations to me? In this sentence, 'r' are like a soft 's' or a 'z' sound. Other times they are like a 'd' sound. And other times still like an 'r' sound. I can never tell which way to go with an 'r'.


It's pretty complex -- depends on whether the surrounding vowels are "slender" -- i and e, so pronounced high in the mouth, making the consonants palatized -- or "broad" -- a,o,u, low in the mouth, resulting in more normal-seeming consonants. See: https://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/Appendix:Scottish_Gaelic_pronunciation#Consonants


In one of the youtube videos I watched, he mentions that sometimes words ending in the r sound have a (th) sound. I also noticed in another youtuber's speech (she is a fluent native) she often has her tongue between the teeth on the (d) words, which I found interesting! But yes, the (r) here is def sounding like it is accompanied by the (th) sound


also r is accompanied by a (sh) sound when preceding a (d) or (t) hence (ort) being pronounced more like (orsht)!


Why is 'air' pronounced air when paired with bhioran, but pronounce eek or ike with other words?

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