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Why is this my translation rated only 34%, therefor is incorrect?

My english translation for "Geschichte Lettlands" was "History of Latvia" and the system regected it with 34% match. Is my translation really incorrect, why?

April 20, 2012



No, it's fine. The best rated answer was probably "Latvian History," and with so few words, the percentage was just skewed.


Thanks man! I thought it could've been something related to the amount of words.


Your translation is not "incorrect", it is just different to most of the other translations. I find it useful to look at others' translations; sometimes I find that they are better than mine. Nnorth02 is right about the phrase "Geschichte Lettlands" I think. But also, I have noticed that there are quite a few bad translations from German into English on this site; people who are seemingly not native English speakers, who do the translation by the cheat's method of hovering the cursor over each word and translating them literally one after the other. So even when your translation is good idiomatic English, you can lose points because of this.

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