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  5. "Minä harrastan urheilua."

"Minä harrastan urheilua."

Translation:I have sport as my hobby.

July 14, 2020



I know that "urheilu" is "sport", singular, but "I have sports as my hobby" is a much more valid sentence in English. I'm not sure if "I have sport..." is even correct at all.


Yeah, I think plural would sound better in English. Also "sport is my hobby" could work?


This is flat out not an English sentence. People would understand what you mean if you said that, but it would come across as extremely broken English, especially in American English. Sports are my hobby. My hobby is sports. would both work better but still be a little weird.


What if you were filling out a form/questionnaire and under 'hobbies' you had only written 'sport'? When explaining your answer you would say 'I have sport as my hobby'. As a Brit in England it sounds fine in English English to me, in context of course.


All the other translations do not use a construction like "I have sport as.." why not be consistent and allow "sports is my hobby"


Why can I say "I have Sport as A hobby"? Isn't is the same as "as my hobby"?


yeah, sounds like it would make sense too


Hi xarkaru, DL just rejected -I have sport as a hobby-. I will object. The sentence with -a- allows one to have hobbies other than sport in addition.


My hobby is sports / Sports are my hobby sounds more natural to me, but i think there's a difference with American English. Not sure how that to fix that so it's universally natural for all of us English speakers.


Onneksi "My hobby is sport" is accepted


"I do sports as a hobby" sounds more natural, I reckon.

[deactivated user]

    I practice sports as my / a / for a hobby if that context is necessary


    I think Sport is my hobby makes more sense


    There are several sentences like this on this course that make me wonder why they haven't used people who are fluent (enough) in both languages to make these.. These clumsy translations are just frustrating


    Ouch! In American English "sport needs to be plural in any of these examples or it sounds weird.

    [deactivated user]

      Isn't harrasta to practice / partake. You can practice things which aren't anything to do with hobbies


      harjoitella is to pratice, I think harrasta is just a special verb which makes it hard to translate in these sentences. :D


      I totally don't get why 'sport is my hobby' isn't accepted but 'Joni's hobby is sport' is fine... Where is the logic?


      "I hobby me a sport." Is very direct, although clunky and pretty far out there.


      What about: I am interested in sports?


      That would be Olen kiinnostunut urheilusta. In other words, you might just sit on the couch watching it from TV and never do anything yourself, which is not what harrastaa means.

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