I clearly remember at least finishing one lesson on Duolingo on my phone yesterday, so I continued my streak. I'm logged into the same account on both my computer and my phone, so i thought that if I continued my streak on my phone, it would carry over. My streak wasn't that long, maybe fifteen days, but that's as long as i've been on here. When i logged on today my streak was gone because it said that I didn't complete anything yesterday, when i truly know that I did. Does it not carry over onto my computer when I'm on my phone? Has anybody else had a problem like this, and is there any way that I can get it back? (I know that fifteen days really isn't that big of a loss, but i put in effort to make sure i logged in everyday.) Thanks

August 7, 2014


If you earn points on your phone it should keep your streak alive on all devices, including your PC. Try moving this to the "Troubleshooting" forum and maybe someone there can help you out.

It is depressing losing something you've been working on. Here are a few consolation lingots.

Thanks, i really appreciate it :) And yeah, I just moved it to Troubleshooting instead.

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