"Pauline never paid for a single bouquet of flowers."

Translation:Pauline n'a jamais payé un seul bouquet de fleurs.

July 14, 2020

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Why is this one not accepted?

Pauline ne payait jamais aucun bouquet de fleurs.


accepted for me today

Pauline ne payait jamais aucun bouquet de fleurs

(maybe thanks to your reporting)


In my opinion, both should be accepted, for the reason I explained here: https://forum.duolingo.com/comment/40330799?comment_id=40351776


Why not... Pauline n'a payé jamais un seul bouquet de fleurs


Duo, I get confused jamais on some sentences goes before the verb and sometimes after.

In this exercise it came before and in the previous exercise it came after. Please help me to get it straight.


So jamais usually comes after the conjugated verb. When using the passé composé, like in this example, it comes after the conjugated helping verb (avoir or être) but before the past participle.

Example: Je n'ai jamais regardé cette émission.

When using imparfait there is only one verb for it to come after.

Example: Je ne regardais jamais cette émission.

Similarly with the future proche (going to do something) it goes after the helping verb.

Example: Je ne vais jamais regarder cette émission.

And in the present tense it goes after the only verb there is.

Example: Je ne regarde jamais cette émission.


Jamais does come after the auxiliary verb (a).


In other exercise, Duo didn't accept the tranation of "un.bouquet de fleurs" into "a bunch of flowers". Wouldn't this be right? (I couldn't ask it then because there wasn't forum entry available)

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