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"Mummo halaa sulhasta ja sanoo, että onnea."

Translation:Grandma hugs the groom and says congratulations.

July 14, 2020


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I think that is bad Finnish. I would rather say "Mummo halaa sulhasta ja toivottaa onnea."


I agree. ...sanoo, että onnea sounds like you have directly written down speech. However in indirect speech one says toivottaa onnea.


"is hugging" should be accepted. Reported


Why is 'että' used in the original sentence? It seems superfluous.


The English translation isn't exactly standard English, at least in written form. It would normally be "Grandma hugs the groom and says, 'Congratulations.'"


CAN SOMEONE JUST EXPLAIN IN AN UNDERSTANDABLE MANNER WHAT "että " is doing here and other sentences that has to to with "rakasta". I still don't get it.


Like S__O already commented and I agreed the sentence is bad language.

In direct speech you can write

  • Mummo halaa sulhasta ja sanoo: Onnea : Grandma hugs the groom and says: Congratulations.

However when you change the sentence to the indirect speech, you cannot just replace the colon with a comma and the subjugation että : that.

  • Mummo halaa sulhasta ja sanoo, että onnea : [lit.] Grandma hugs the groom and says that congratulations.

You have to change the verb to toivottaa : to bid (welcome), to wish (well)

  • Mummo halaa sulhasta ja toivottaa onnea : Grandma hugs the groom and wishes well.

Please report this.

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