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  5. "How many lörtsy do you want?"

"How many lörtsy do you want?"

Translation:Montako lörtsyä haluatte?

July 14, 2020



Anyone else get annoyed answering in the sinä case rather than the te? Both are right but only one is accepted

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It's really annoying, but the course is still in beta. Remember to report.


Yes it's really annoying


I wrote montako lörtsyä haluat and I think it should be right.

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It is right, report it!


montako lörtsyä te haluatte, why it is wrong?

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This sentence reminded me to eat the lörtsy I have in the fridge :)


I think I've heard "kuinka monta," or is that just my English brain translating "how" and "many" too literally?

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No, it's fine to say kuinka monta lörtsyä haluatte? – they don't have basically any difference.


Tried also "Kuinka monta lörtsyä sinä haluat?" and this isn't accepted either. Reported.


I'm obviously still unclear on when to use moni and when to use monta. My answer was "Kuinka moni lörtsy haluat?" Would this be correct? If not, could someone explain why not, please?


"Moni" is in nominative case so it's used when its noun phrase is in nominative case, and "monta" is in partitive case so it's used when its noun phrase is in partitive case. Since this noun phrase is the object of an irresultative verb, partitive case is required.


Thank you. What is an irresultative verb?


A verb assigned to an action that lacks a state of completion. Wanting something is not a thing that can reach a specific conclusion.


Kiitos. Ymmärrän.


I wrote, "Montako lörtsyä te haluatte?" But still it was wrong!


Why not paljonko instead of montako or kuinka moni?

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If I'm not mistaken, paljonko works only with uncountable nouns and requires the partitive case, whereas montako is used with countable:

  • Paljonko kakkua meillä on?how much cake do we have?
  • Montako palaa kakkua meillä on?how many pieces of cake do we have?
  • Montako kakkua meillä on?how many cakes do we have?

Edit: ok, cake was not the best example here because you can consider cake both as countable and uncountable. The above does not work with lörtsy because it's a pastry which is not supposed to be divided.

In that sense it's more like auto, you can't really ask e.g. paljonko autoa ostat ("how much car are you buying"), rather you'd ask montako autoa ostat ("how many cars are you buying").

Please ask for more clarification if you feel so, hope it still helps...

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