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"Anteeksi, puhutteko te englantia?"

Translation:Excuse me, do you speak English?

July 14, 2020



Is "te" used as a polite form in Finnish like in French for example? When you talk to one person?


Yes, but it's rare.


To use the polite form or talk to a Finn? Because apparently they're pretty quiet xD


Thanks, this helps. Also would this respectful (vocative?) form in finnish, be just as commonly applied as we may in french, spanish, or latin?


I think Pardon me should also be accepted as the English I have spoiken for 83 years uses it equally with Excuse me.


I'm wondering, is it necessary to add te, since puhutteko is do you speak...?? Just wondering.


It is not necessary. The te is implied because of puhutteko.


So now I'm realizing you add -ko as well to a verb to make it a question?


Yes, adding -ko/-kö is a common way of turning a verb into a question. When that is done (instead of an "actual question word" starting a sentence) subject and verb switch places: "Te puhutte." vs. "Puhutteko te?" (but with an interrogative they don't switch, e.g. "mistä te puhutte?"; "What are you talking about?")


Is it necessary to add the expression "te" to the question? I think it is not necessary. I wrote it without the expression "te" and duolingo said it is incorrect the sentence.


It shouldnt be necessary. Its only necessary in hän and he (3rd person)

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