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"The dress is as white as snow."

Translation:Mekko on valkoinen kuin lumi.

July 14, 2020



A perverse part of me always wants to select the "...white as a moose" option, in the multiple-guess exercise.


I reported this too but... I don't understand why is yhtä...kuin wrong even thought that is hint from the hover over text?

I don't know if it is hover text issue, or translation issue... it is just painfully inconsistent.


Okay I think here's maybe a small mistake with the translation since "as ... as" should be translated as "yhtä ... kuin". And you can also say "The dress is white as snow." in English and it has a slightly different meaning, just like in Finnish too.


How would you describe the difference?

Yhtä kuin of course allows for precision in comparisons, but only when the comparison hits something countable, which yhtä generally would refer to.

"Märkää kuin vesi" or "Yhtä märkää kuin vesi" doesn't seem to have any difference in meaning, since an adjectives scope mainly changes through comparative: "Märempää kuin vesi", but then you can't use "yhtä" anymore.

On the other hand "yhtä iso kuin Venäjä" or "iso kuin Venäjä" are of course completely different in meaning. The size of Russia is absolute (at least by some definition at a certain point in time).

In written form I think using conjuctions are better avoided. With or without "yhtä". If not necessary for rhythm, clarity or accenting something, of course - they do have their purpose.

"Mekko on valkoinen kuin lumi." "Mekko on yhtä valkoinen kuin lumi." "Mekko on lumenvalkoinen/lumivalkoinen."

It seems these all would share the translation "The dress is as white as snow." as the most natural expression in English. The most fluent expression would be that without conjuction, since it's not necessary in a sentence this short.


Why is it not 'valkoista kuin lumi'? Isn't 'lumi' a mass noun, and therefore treated as partitive?


Yeah, but "mekko" is not a mass noun. :)

"Mekko on valkoinen".

"Lumi on valkoista."

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