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  5. "Harrastatteko te rallia?"

"Harrastatteko te rallia?"

Translation:Is rally driving your hobby?

July 14, 2020



You would say "rally driving" in English

But that is if you participate, otherwise you would "go to the rally"


Is your hobby rally driving/auto racing should be accepted. The current correct answer is super awkward in English on all levels.


I think the English translation for this should be updated to "Is rally driving your hobby?".



This English sentence would be very confusing unless you were already discussing a specific rally sport. It's also weird to use "have" in this context. It would be better to use the verb appropriate to the activity or just ask if it is "one of your hobbies."


'is rally your hobby' - could this work?


Sounds more natural in English, imho. Report, so they can add it


'Is your hobby rally driving' should be accepted


"Is your hobby rally driving" vs "is rally driving your hobby" ?? Same difference.


Rally is a general English word. Rallies are common and various. The Finns are much enamoured of rally driving, or at least were.


Political rallies, yes but rally driving??? Auto racing or auto sports, maybe. Speakers of American English will be stumped on this one!


Those are umbrella terms covering all sports which include cars. Rally refers to a specific sport. It's not hugely popular in the US, but is these days governed by the American Rally Association.


Thanks for the clarification....never too late to learn new terms and sports. I realize here in the US there are all these motorcycle, truck, ATV and so on “competitions” that attract many folks (not me!). I’ll stick to watching our ice hockey team (with two stand out Finnish players!)

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