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  5. "Tämä marja on herkullinen!"

"Tämä marja on herkullinen!"

Translation:This berry is delicious!

July 14, 2020



Are those cloudberries?


Yes :D

Lakat ovat herkulliset/herkullisia - Not sure which is right?


"Herkullisia" is correct here :) If talking about one single lakka or just the species itself, then you can say "lakka on herkullinen (marja)". I'm not actually even sure why I prefer partitive over nominative with the plural, I guess that just is how it goes :D


Haha. I initially thought partitive but then saw the nominitive has been used in the sentence above so was unsure. Kiitos for the reply!


How did you add a picture?


My native language is not english but isn't delicious the same as tasty?


They pretty much are. However, in Finnish tasty literally is also "maistuva", but no one really uses that in the place of "herkullinen" so both should be accepted.


Delicious would be a slightly stronger version of tasty, but there's not that much difference


Delicious is an extreme adjective. You can say very tasty, but very delicious is quite unnatural. (Instead you can say really delicious or absolutely delicious etc.)


Ok. Same question as before: when to use partitive and when not? Two examples sowing confusion: a. Tämä leipä on liian suolaista. B. Tämä marja on herkullinen. Does use of "liian" require partitive?


Partitive when you are not talking about either mass/uncountable nouns OR a PART of something; accusative (looks like nominative or genitive) when you do talk about the whole thing or countable nouns.

Leipä can be both, countable and uncountable so you can say "Leipä on liian suolainen.", but then you are talking about the whole bread. "Suolaista" means you have taken just a bite or slice of it and based on that you can tell the bread is salty. Partitive is here definitely more common as leipä is usually seen as a mass noun.

Marja on the other hand is a countable noun, there just one berry and it's delicious. If you'd bite off just a tiny piece of the berry, then you could say "Tämä marja on herkullista."


Thank you! I mean, kiitos paljon


I don’t think I have ever in my life stopped half way through eating a single berry to tell someone that it is delicious! :-D


Could the ancient Greeks have heard about some northern warrior called "herkullista" by the local women and mispronounced it as Hercules?

[deactivated user]

    Herkullinen means delicious right?

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