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What I like about the Finnish tree compared to other language trees

First of all: I've been looking forward to having Finnish on Duolingo for ages. I did an exchange semester in Finland over 10 years ago and really wanted an opportunity to refresh and improve what I know. So thank you so very much to the team! You've really done great work. For a beta tree, the quality is already outstanding in my view.

Features I like in particular compared to other language trees (as an app user) - please make sure to keep them and maybe even expand on this!

  • Even level 1 requires to actively form at least one freely written sentence at the end of the lesson. That's really the best possible way to review what one has been training for the past 5-10 minutes.
  • Multiple choice "fill in the blank" exercises are actually forcing the learner to make a decision based on their understanding of grammar (one of the bigger challenges as a learner for me has been to determine which case to use for a noun - good training so far!). Other trees are not using this type of exercise to its full potential. All too often, the answer is way too obvious in these trees.
  • Upper case in the word bank is not always available as a much too obvious hint what the first word of the sentence should be, making the exercises more challenging
  • You are nicely picking up and expanding vocabulary over the course of later lessons. A good mix of old and new vocabulary. I was surprised by how much vocabulary is introduced in such a short tree, but it's not overwhelming thanks to spaced repetition
  • Very comprehensive and easy to understand content in the tips and notes (for those lessons where they are already available)

What I would like to see more of:

  • Increasingly harder listening exercises to distinguish between even more similar words in order to train to hear the differences between ä and a, y and i, long and short vowels and consonants etc. I mean tuuli, tulli, tuli - there are so many examples in the Finnish language

And some possible features for the future that other trees offer (but keep up the good work to focus on content first :):

  • Speaking exercises would of course be nice
  • The Spanish tree has these very very helpful hints when you make a common mistake. I think Finnish is also a language that has some common pitfalls that would make great material for such hints

Hope this feedback is helpful :) I'm looking forward to seeing the Finnish tree grow and improve even more.

July 14, 2020



Honestly, I have to agree. Duolingo has put out some questionable courses in the past but Finnish is truly an amazing course for a beta release. I cannot wait to finish (I had to say it) this course and see where the newer versions of the tree take us!


I waited for so long for this course to come and I'm loving it. Although there is a thing that might improve the experience. when I scroll over a blue word for a hint, it gives me the rest of the phrase and I find it disappointing because I don't want the answer when I just need a hint.

Besides that, I'm really happy with the course and I'm looking forward to seeing more. Thanks Duo!


The tips really stand out for me. I'm only taking a few other languages, not like the big stack all these other people are, but the tips for French and Spanish, while informative, frequently leave me wanting more detail. My abortive attempt at German left me wanting quite a lot more cluons about how cases and gender interact.

The Finnish tips here, though, have what sure feels like the right level of detail, and the writing's excellent. They've got quite a good sense of humor, too. It all feels much more "alive" (if that makes sense) than Mondly's Finnish course.


I am loving the Finnish tree so far!

One thing that this tree is currently missing (perhaps because it is in beta only) and usually present in other trees I have done is audio being available when clicking on the Discuss link. Some of the exercises are by design without audio, but in other courses when clicking the Discuss link there is audio available. I have often (with other courses) clicked on the Discuss link solely to get a refresher on how a word or sentence is pronounced, but this is presently missing from Finnish.

But otherwise as said, I am loving this course!


If a sentence has blue words in it, they are linked to the Words (under MORE) which gives the audio and often the entire sentence as well. Just click them and you'll have that refresher.

It's a great course and lots still to look forward to as well.

What more could we ask for... ;-)


That's awesome, thanks! I have never noticed that. It will be hugely helpful.


I totally agree with the upper case thing. In some trees, I've seen they include more than one word starting with upper case, but it's still too obvious and one gets used to choosing that word unconsciously or even looking for it before thinking what the statement actually is. Another thing is that it is the first tree I've seen there are included names of several countries -not only the one the country where the language is spoken and England/USA- and it is, in my opinion, great!

So far I like Finnish tree; really concise but complete.


Totally agree with this praise. I'm currently doing both the Hungarian and Finnish courses. These are two challenging (and distantly related) languages, both in beta on Duolingo. The Finnish tree is so much more inviting and user friendly. (That being said, I am making my way through the Hungarian tree and there's apparently a newer version of it in the works that is a little less daunting. I so appreciate all the volunteers that put together every one of these courses.)


Loving the new Finnish initiative too! Thank you developpers! The thing I would like added to the scandinavian languages would be stories. I do like the Finnish format. It's good to change it up a bit. Also a note on stories as I did the Spanish and the German ones. Since the stories are the same I have the acquired problem that I remember the story from one language so I don't work as for the other. See what I mean? It would help if they were different stories.


I'm half Finnish (from my mother) but gave up learning it at Saturday School at the Finnish Church in London 40 years ago when i was 11 to play school sport. I still remember quite a lot so maybe its worth learning it again....


A long- awaited and a successful course. It‘s fun to study, never boring and an excellent mix of various skills and challenges!I am a linguist and I love it!


I find myself automatically clicking the upper case a lot so I like when it isn't provided.


honestly saying, at first i found it weird that it was real different from the other trees i saw in the other courses. but honestly... i love the vocabulary choice for the start SO MUCH. it has a pretty great pacing in what you learn, so damn, you kinda just got to give it props. or i do.


I started the Finnish course two weeks ago. I'm eager to meet other Finnish learners and compare notes!


Fill in the blank exercises only work if they require you to choose between two options that are reasonable correct, for example in English if I gave the following fill in the black exercise: The dog is __ And the choices were: "cows" and "barking". In this exercise, I believe anyone with the most rudimentary skills could guess the correct answer. Duolingo and even the Finnish course offers these simple "multiple guess" exercises. Better options would be "bark" and "barking". I am often unsure whether they are trying to test the grammar or vocabulary. I think it is a flaw in some sort of exercise generator.

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