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  5. "Onko tuo sana kiinaa?"

"Onko tuo sana kiinaa?"

Translation:Is that word Chinese?

July 14, 2020



It's interesting. I've put "Is that a Chinese word?" and it was marked wrong, and actually for a reason, since "Onko tuo sana kiinaa?" means "Is that word Chinese?". Would the Finnish version be different for "Is that a Chinese word?"? Could it be "Kiinaako on tuo sanaa?"?

[deactivated user]

    You're really close! This is how I'd translate these differences (I'm not 100% about the little nuances):

    "Is that word Chinese?" = "Onko tuo sana kiinaa?"

    "Is that a Chinese word?" = "Onko tuo kiinankielinen sana?"

    "Kiinaako tuo sana on?" = "Is it Chinese that that word is in?" ("Is that a Chinese word?")


    Yooo, you made it clearer, thank you!


    Does the concept of "word" even make sense in Chinese?


    Yes, it more or less does.

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