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Latin Tips & Notes w/Macrons: Parents

Hello everyone! I'm planning on starting to learn Latin soon and I've been going through the course piece by piece on the incubator, researching where to/to not put macrons by using Wiktionary and Teach Yourselfʻs Complete Latin.

I also want to make it clear that I am not making these posts out of spite to the team, as a fellow contributor I understand the ins and outs of making a course. This is simply something I'm going through with my notes using the incubator before I go onto doing the actual Duolingo course itself and I decided I might copy and paste adding in the macrons to help people like me. I am very proud of the work the team has done and I wish them all the best in the future!

Third Declension (Nouns)

It is time to properly introduce the third declension! You already know quite a few words that follow the third declension. Masculine and feminine nouns follow the same pattern, while neuter nouns are declined differently.

nom. sg. pater soror nōmen
acc. sg. patrem sorōrem nōmen (=)
nom. pl. patrēs sorōrēs nōmina
acc. pl. patrēs sorōrēs nōmina (=)

A rule of thumb: accusative neuter words are always the same as their nominative equivalent.

Third Declension (Adjectives)

Many adjectives of the third declension end in -is. These adjectives will get (-is, -is, -e) as additional information in the vocabulary lists.


SENĪLIS Masculine sg. Feminine sg. Neuter sg.
nominative senīlis senīlis senīle
accusative senīlem senīlem senīle


SENILIS Masculine pl. Feminine pl. Neuter pl.
nominative senīlēs senīlēs senīlia
accusative senīlēs senīlēs senīlia

New Vocabulary

Latin English Additional Info Stem
marītus husband 2nd, masc. marīt-
sepulchrum grave 2nd, neut. sepulchr-
paterfamiliās paterfamilias* 3rd, masc. patr- familiās
uxor wife 3rd, fem. uxōr-
familiāris relative 3rd, masc. familiār-
servō I save, rescue (servāre, 1st conj.) serva-
sacrificō I sacrifice (sacrificāre, 1st conj.) sacrifica-
sevērus strict -us, -a, -um sevēr-
benignus kind -us, -a, -um benign-
pius dutiful -us, -a, -um pi-
senīlis aged, senīle -is, -is, -e senil-
quōque also
cotīdīe daily
  • The paterfamiliās was the head of a Roman household. This was usually the oldest man in the family. "Pater familiās" literally means "father of the family".


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July 14, 2020
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