"S'il disparaît encore une fois, appelle la police."

Translation:If he disappears once again, call the police.

July 14, 2020

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There have been some really bad English translations in these new (2020) exercises, but I would defend this one.


Most English speakers would say "If he disappears one more time, call the police."

[deactivated user]

    "If he disappears one more time, call the police" is accepted now.


    Unfortunately, you have to flag it if you want a scoring change.


    I wrote " If IT disappears once again, call the police" and was marked incorrect. Somebody please tell me why i can't use 'it' instead of 'he' - and how would one say 'it disappears' in French ?


    I also used it - if it disappears one more time call the police - and this also was rejected. Like you I think it should be an acceptable alternative, so I am reporting it.


    As an a native US English speaker, I dont think I'd find it necessary to say any version of "one more time". I'd just say, "If he disapppears again, call the police."


    but this is not including the 'une fois' in your translation. Sometimes you have to ensure that you are fully translating other times not.


    This is poor English. "If he disappears one more time, call the police." is better.

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