"Elle s'est fait mal au coude en se battant."

Translation:She hurt her elbow while fighting.

July 14, 2020

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Why isn't it "Elle s'est faite..."? Isn't the past participle supposed to agree with the subject when using a reflexive verb?


Because here it is 'she hurt her elbow' not 'she hurt herself'. It would be "elle s'est faite mal en se battant" ("she hurt herself while fighting").


Can someone explain why it's "...en SE battant.." instead of simply "..en battant.."? If I didn't know better I would think the sentence would be translated as "she hurt her elbow while fighting with herself"!!


It is just how this verb is used in French. When people are fighting, you say "ils se battent", which sounds like "they fight themselves" but really means "they fight (together)". The verb "battre" can also be used without a reflexive pronoun but it means to beat rather than to fight.


Thanks! So if I was the subject of the sentence, would it still be se battant, or me battant?


Thanks for the helpful response Lucien.

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