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"Miksi espanja on tärkeä kieli?"

Translation:Why is Spanish an important language?

July 14, 2020



Porque hay 580 millones hispanohablantes alrededor del mundo. Además es una lengua muy linda. ♡

Because there are 580 million Spanish speakers all around the world. It's also a very beautiful language.

Koska espanjaa puhuvia (espanjankielisiä) on ympäri maailmaa 580 miljoonaa. Lisäksi se on erittäin kaunis kieli.


De los tres idiomas que escribiste solo me falta entender el tercero...pero ya conozco algunas palabras de él :)


Why spanish is an important language? Still correct right?


English requires a subject-verb inversion in all questions, unlike Finnish, which does not require a subject-verb inversion when the question begins with an interrogative word. Without the subject-verb inversion in English, it is not a question and it is an unfinished clause. It could be a predicative expression, for example in the clause "This is why Spanish is an important language", and it could also be a part of a noun phrase, for example the noun phrase "The reason why Spanish is an important language...".

But of course the exceptions to this are statements with rising intonation at the end, which are questions despite the lack of subject-verb inversion. Those usually express surprise or scepticism.


Would significant also be correct in this context?


why's = why is !! Apparently, Duo has trouble with English.

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