"Non è così facile."

Translation:It is not that easy.

May 15, 2013

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One does not simply translate a sentence in duolingo.


I am becoming increasingly confused. According to your first meaning given for "cosi" i.e. "that way" the sentence would read:- that way is not easy. Am I using the adverb incorrectly?


@siebolt is right, you can usually use "so". It can mean slightly different things depending on where it is in the sentence and what it does.

When così modifies something it usually means this, that or so:

  • Le gonne non sono corte/The skirts are not short
  • Le gonne non sono così corte/The skirts are not [so/this/that] short
  • Noi non siamo stanchi/We are not tired
  • Noi non siamo così stanchi/We are not [so/this/that] tired

And you're right, other times it translates to this way, that way, like this, like that...:

  • Gli animali non mangiano così/Animals do not eat [like this/like that/this way/that way...]
  • Noi non cuciniamo la verdura così/We do not cook vegetables [like this/like that/this way/that way...]

Learning adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions and the rest can be quite a challenge because it is nearly impossible to always have them translate one to one. That's the beauty of language. It also means you've just picked up a very versatile word that you will end up using every ten minutes in normal conversation ;)


Grazie mp and sb...very helpful! ♥


Pay attention to what "cosí" belongs to. "Non è / cosí facile. It is / not so (that) easy". Try to think of "cosí" as "so" (but not meaning thus)


Sto imparando l'italiano da l'inglese con la differenza che sono italiano


"Non è così facile." - All right, that's Italian. And Duolingo's translation (see above): "It is not that easy." - Is that correct English? Would you be so kind as to help me? I'm not getting anywhere. (August 16, 2018)


"It is not that easy," IS correct english. It means it IS difficult or not as easy as it seems/appears. Hope you are hanging in there! We are all with you! (3-19-19)


It's correct American English, maybe, but incorrect in other countries


When asked "How are you?", my mother would answer, "Così, così." She was "so, so."


Why didn't DL accept "It is not that likely." ?


Your answer has a different meaning.
"It is not (that) easy," means it is more difficult to do than it seems. Braiding hair (plating hair) looks easy but it is not that easy! "It is not that likely," actually refers to the chance of it happening. For example: It is not likely I will be hit by a lightning bolt today.
Hope this helps Robert!


English should read "it is not so easy" 'That' has nothing to do with it.


As a native English speaker "It is not that easy" is a perfectly acceptable English phrase meaning "It is difficult in general." "It is not so easy" would mean "It is more difficult than one expected."

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