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  5. "Het paard"

"Het paard"

Translation:The horse

August 7, 2014



It definitely sounds like there is an "s" sound at the end of paard here. Is this a mispronunciation or is it correct?


There should be no "s" sound in "paard". The pronunciation can be a little wonky sometimes.


I think it's /d/ at the end of words and after /r/ sounds like /s/, but it isn't. I usually use forvo.com for checking like that. See http://en.forvo.com/word/paard/#nl


Спасибо за ссылку.


Пожалуйста. Отличный юзерпик, Antoon van den Rus :)


How do I know if I have to use "het" or "de" with the animals?


You need to memorize the correct article, but there are some pointers. :)

First, if a diminutive is used, such as the 'little horse', it will be a 'het' word.
Second, if the animal name is gender specific, such as 'the bull', there is a greater chance that you're dealing with a 'de' word.


"Het is for horses"


Sounds kinda like the Yiddish "Ferd" (ya I know, it's Pferd in German)


Of course. Dutch and German (and thus Yiddish, since Yiddish is mostly German) are quite similar, and share many linguistic roots.


How does paard sound anything like horse in english? I know its a different language but with most of these words, it sounds faily simulaur to the english version. Does anybody agree? Its highly confusing me.


"Paard" is so different from the English "horse" or the Latin "equus". I wonder what its origin is (or why in English we say "horse"!)


Okay, I found the answer to my own question.

Here's the path:
Modern Dutch paard < Late Latin paraveredus "post horse for outlying districts" (6th c.), originally "extra horse," < Greek para "beside, secondary" + Latin veredus "fast, light horse used by couriers". (Possibly the Latin word came from Gaulish voredos, from Celtic wo-red.)

Apparently, Middle Dutch had the word ors which sounds like the English horse, but paard overtook it.

Paard has the same Latin origin as the English word palfrey which refers to a horse for riding (not a war horse or draft horse).

https://www.directdutch.com/2014/02/word-of-the-day-paard-horse/ https://www.etymonline.com/word/palfrey http://www.etymologiebank.nl/trefwoord/paard

That last link I read in translation as I cannot yet read Dutch very well!

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