"Amuse-toi dehors au lieu de jouer sur l'ordinateur."

Translation:Have fun outside instead of playing on the computer.

July 14, 2020

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Enjoy yourself outdoors instead of playing on the computer.


I would like " enjoy yourself outside" to be accepted


What about 'amuse yourselves outside...' - why is that not accepted?


I'd be more likely to put "have fun playing outside instead of on the computer." The position of the verb (ie the instruction in this case) should be closer to the start of the sentence or else it leaves things way too open to interpretation! With it phrased as is, a bit of malicious compliance on a kid's part (you didn't tell me to play outside!) could cause endless problems!

(Yes, I'm a mum and grandma. No, I don't leave instructions open to interpretation, not even now my kids are all in their 20s!)


You need to translate the sentence that's given, not make up one that you think would have been better and then translate that.


"Play outdoors instead of on the computer." Refused.


Quite right too. It doesn't really come close to the meaning of the French.


Enjoy is enough fun

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