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"Darling, I do not want you to be angry."

Translation:Kulta, en halua, että olet vihainen.

July 14, 2020



Christ. It was flagged wrong because i used YOU/SINÄ, which is IN THE SOURCE.


Same. It's annoying, isn't it?


This is poorly keyed. Duolingo should make a consistent choice on whether you need to put the pronouns (e.g., sinä) along with the conjugated verb (e.g., olet) or negation (e.g., et) and stick with it. Just pick a way and be consistent. But every Finnish speaker knows that both ways, with or without the pronoun, are equally acceptable and have no difference in meaning.


The reason for this inconsistency is that the course is still in beta. The team is still editing the course, fixing basic mistakes, making additions... So it's not a finished course.


You are so right!

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En halua että olet vihainen = En halua sinun olevan vihainen


Why "en halua" instead of "en haluan"?


The negation, "ei", already has the -n.

En halua

Et halua

Hän ei halua

Emme halua

Ette halua

He eivät halua

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