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  5. "Grandma wants to hug you."

"Grandma wants to hug you."

Translation:Mummo haluaa halata teitä.

July 14, 2020



"Isoäiti haluaa halata sinua" is correct too but wasn't accepted. Reported

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Mummo is also isoäiti (fathers or mothers mother).


And mine was "Mummi" anyway.

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I never said my grandma as "mummo". I think "mummo" is "some old old woman." I called my my mother's mother as "mummi" and father's mother "isoäiti". Every family seems to have different practices and words. That's why I can't accept that there is one and only right translation here.

In Swedish it's easier. Mother's mother is "mormor" or "mommo" (pronoused same as Finnish mummu) and father's mother is "farmor" or "famu".


Why teitä and not sinua? What did I miss here?

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That would be also correct.

This is just a beta version of this course, and not all correct translations have yet been approved.


Grandma is Isoäiti and should be accepted . Mummo or mummo is also fine but in fact is derived from Swedish Mormor and strictly speaking not Finnish

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