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" Mitä kuuluu? No ei mitään."

Translation:– What is going on? – Well, nothing special.

July 14, 2020



There are several possible correct translations for these phrases.


It is a bit problematic, I do understand the problem of idiomatic phrases especially around short common greetings and daily figures of speech, but it is a bit frustrating having to search for just the right wording - in your own native language - to tick the boxes. (Not really adding to a learning experience). And you just know if you do the direct path and translate literally word-for-word you'll get shot down for an unnatural translation... feels like picking through a minefield a bit!


"How are you" is much more appropriate within the context.


What exactly is the context here?


The answer would make no sense for that question


I disagree with the translations. "What's going on? Well, nothing special." should be "Mitä tapahtuu? (What's happening?) No, ei mitään erikoista/ihmeellistä." Whereas "Mitä kuuluu? Ei mitään." should be for example "What's up? Well, nothing." IMO even though that sounds strange, because it sounds strange in Finnish too. I'd answer one of those "Nothing special" or "Ei mitään uutta" (Nothing new) if it were me.


How are things should also be acceptable


Since it seems to vary from culture to culture, do you answer mitä kuuluu with how you genuinely feel even if it's negative? Or is it more a ritual sort of question where you're expected to reply with a fixed answer?


We Finns can actually answer how we really feel. It's not just a ritual where both play a fixed part. This often baffles foreigners who don't really expect an actual answer.


Even though we might tell how we've been doing if it's a (good) friend asking, there's also a fixed answer for this: Ihan hyvää. (I'm alright.) We might still add something to that, such as "Just came back from Helsinki" or something else normal/boring, and ask back.


Does "what's up?' Carry the same meaning here?


Is there a reason why it is not ' How is it going?'

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