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  5. "Chan eil an cù cho eagalach."

"Chan eil an cho eagalach."

Translation:The dog is not so scary.

July 14, 2020



I hear gu, where it should be cù. these are two different words.


what island pronounces 'Cù' with a /γ/ sound?


Hmm, I’m not sure I’m listening to the same recording, but when I try this sentence in the entry for eagalach I hear /ɡuː/ with a voiced stop, definitely not /ɣuː/ with a fricative.

And the voiced [ɡ] is expected for c after nasals (eg. after an) in many dialects. See Nasalisation 2 or Why am I married to ə NɯNʲə agam? on Akerbeltz and Scottish Gaelic phonology: Nasalisation on Wikipedia.


I'm being to wonder why I'm even trying. It just seems hopeless.


I agree, Cornelius.

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