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"Does he want some glögi or coffee?"

Translation:Haluaako hän glögiä vai kahvia?

July 14, 2020



Feels like "tai" is more appropriate here


both are fine here as we don't know the context


A small nuance but actually "tai" would suit better for this translation. Since the English sentence has the word "some" it implies that the person may select between glögi or coffee but does not have to select either. Had the english sentence not included the word "some", it would have meant that the person HAS to choose either glögi or coffee. And then the correct Finnish translation should include the word "vai" as it also implies that the person has to take either glögi or coffee.


Thank you! I couldn't put my finger on why tai is more correct.


The other way round (Translation from Finnish to English): Duolingo seems to translate every partitive by "some". Maybe just a hint to get used to the partitive? Haluatko kahvia vai glögiä ? Käännös: Do you want some coffee or glögi. Onneksi kännös ilman "some" oli myös ok.


I skipped hän, and I think that is acceptable, no?


It's acceptable for minä, sinä and me, te. It's not acceptable for hän and he:

1) because it's not clear whether we refer to animated (hän, he) or inanimated subject (se, ne)

2) (especially for hän and se) because the form for hän/se match the Infinitive for many verbs, such as:

nauraa (inf.) - hän nauraa

laulaa - hän laulaa.

PS: I'm neither Finnish, nor English (speaking person), but I tried my best to put it clear, according to what I read so far. Waiting for any improvement comments :)


I can never figure out when jotain is acceptable and when it's not acceptable.


I can never figure out when jotai n is acceptable and when it's not acceptable.

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