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  5. "He loves Väinö."

"He loves Väinö."

Translation:Hän rakastaa Väinöä.

July 14, 2020


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Dots above the letter ä are important. "Hän rakastaa Vainoa" (without dots) means "He loves persecution"


Out of curiosity, how does Finnish handle conjugation for foreign names that don't fit into the language's phonotactic rules? Seeing as the object ("Väinö") needs to be in the partitive case for this sentence to have the intended meaning, but I'm sure that there are plenty of proper that you wouldn't be able to just stick -a on to.

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It's not easy.
"En pidä Elviksestä, mutta Janisista (Joplin) tykkään. Ja tietenkin Beatlesistä." Still everybody understand, if we talk about music and I say "tykkään Jäniksestä". (Jänis is rabbit in English.)


Why 'She loves Väinö' is not accepted?

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It should be.

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