"La présidente parfaite existe : c'est moi !"

Translation:The perfect president exists: it's me!

July 14, 2020

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Confusing, having this be in a man's voice.


My translation of "It is I" for "..c'est moi" should be accepted as it is correct syntax. The verb "to be"' takes the same case after as before. "It's me" might be more popular but it is syntactically incorrect.


Well, I suppose it's perfectly possible that the perfect president may indeed be a woman with a very deep voice, who's to say? However, whilst on this occasion the words were clear enough for me to get the gender correct despite the voice, on other occasions (as has been said before), having a listening exercise where the pronunciation is less clear cut leads to a lot of frustration when you're forced to make assumptions about the speaker's gender based on the sound of the voice, only to be marked incorrect. It would be nice to have a reporting option to cover this.


The way to avoid this frustration is to know not to make assumptions about the genders in the sentences based on the randomly selected computer voice reading the sentence. It's confusing until you realize you can't rely on this clue. Reporting won't help this issue. We simply have to understand we aren't listening to real people taking about themselves. They are offering each sentence with multiple choices so we can hear a variety of voices, male and female. Disconnect the gender of the voice from the gender in the sentence.

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