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  5. "Meillä on uusi sohva."

"Meillä on uusi sohva."

Translation:We have a new sofa.

July 14, 2020



What is the difference between couch and sofa?


Kinda same like "soda" and "pop". People call the same thing with different names.


What does 'on' mean here ? Does it come from olla like in 'hän on'? It seems weird to me that the subject changes and suddenly 'on' means 'have' instead of 'is'


"On" doesn't mean "have", but a subject in adessive case followed by "on" means that the subject has possession of the object of the clause. Don't get too hung up on deciphering the semantic meanings of words. Keep in mind the cases and their functions too.


Finnish doesn't have a verb for "to have", so instead of "someone has" they say "on someone is". This sentence word for word is "on us is new sofa".


what's the difference between meilla on and me on?


"Meillä on" is the beginning of an ownership clause and "me on" doesn't make sense because the verb "on" is singular while the subject "me" is plural. "Meillä" is an adverbial and the subject is "uusi sohva", hence why the verb is singular in this sentence. "Me olemme" would mean "we are".

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