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"I haven't seen him lately; I miss him."

Translation:Je ne l'ai pas vu dernièrement, il me manque.

July 14, 2020



Why doesn't the adverb go before the past participle, as is usual?


Some adverbs sound very awkward in the middle of the sentence and are rather put at the start or end. They are easy to tell though, because their English counterparts very often behave the same way. What do you think of "I haven't lately seen him" ?


Agreed. Fr and En sometimes parallel each other. Still think other placement should be allowed. Merci !


It is wrong. This happens with expressions of time and place even in unrelated languages. Unless the time is affecting your vision, well . . .


According to Sitesurf, long adverbs like dernièrement go at the end of the sentence (or clause). Short adverbs like trop or bien go after the verb.


Why is "recenement" a mistake?


Try récemment. This is the correct spelling for recently.

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