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"Oh, this is the wrong bridge."

Translation:Oho, tämä on väärä silta.

July 14, 2020



Should 'Oho, tämä on väärin silta' be accepted? ( not sure if i should report it).

If not, is anyone able to explain when I should väärä and when I should use väärin?

Cheers! :)


Väärin is the adverb, väärä the adjective, so you can only use väärin separately and not in front of a noun. "Tuo on väärä vastaus" / "Tuo vastaus on väärin".


Perfect explanation. This makes sense :) Thank you so much!


Both of your example sentences seem to me to contain adjectives and not adverbs. In both "wrong" is an adjective qualifying the noun "answer".

"That is the wrong answer" "wrong" as an attributive adjective.

"That answer is wrong" "wrong" as a predicative adjective.

Does Finnish define adjectives differently to English?


Oh, you're right. I read it like this in the Duolingo tips and I'm pretty sure I saw some example sentences with 'is wrong'. I looked it up and this page suggests the adverb can be used with 'olla' (to be) specifically when it means 'incorrect', even though English would use the adjective in those cases: https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/v%C3%A4%C3%A4rin


I said oh instead of oho.... Damn. Hate this


Yeeeees, it's such an important difference, right?

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