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"Sinä osaat sekä ranskaa että espanjaa."

Translation:You know both French and Spanish.

July 14, 2020



Why use "että" here and not "ja". Both seem to mean "and"


sekä-että is a specific structure so you can't use "ja" here. "että", in this context, holds the same meaning as "ja", but in other structures it has different meanings


Ah now it makes sense, Kiitos! I'm new to Duolingo so mabye I missed it but I feel like it's missing a place where we can review or consult finnish grammar rules and the structure of a sentences.


Often there are tips/notes that explain grammar and other things about the language for each skill. For most languages they are only available on the Duolingo website, not the app. They are often very helpful, however for this particular skill there are none yet.


It'd be great to see these features on the app too! Of course Finnish right now is still in Beta so we cant ask for too much


From what I've heard, that actually depends on the Duolingo platform developers, and is not up to the creators of each individual course


"sekä X että Y" - both X and Y; X as well as Y

"että" - that

"Minähän sanoin, että meidän pitää nyt lähteä!" - I did tell (say to) you that we have to leave now!

"Join niin paljon kahvia, etten (että en) nukkunut silmänräpäystäkään." - I drank so much coffee that I didn't sleep a wink.

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Of course you can say "Sinä osaat ranskaa ja espanjaa", but probably here is meant to learn the sentence structure "sekä ... että" ("both ... and").


These "osata" + language questions sometimes want you to translate it with "speak", sometimes with "know", and they won't accept the other one. Please fix this...


Actually, the Finnish word "osata" is near than "can" in English;
You can speak Finnish when you have studied hard.


What about: You can speak both French as well as Spanish? Like yeah, osaat does not imply speaking but rather knowing how to [use] the language, but to me that's kinda the same thing.


I wrote exactly what the solution was meant to be and it was rejected

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