"Si tu obtiens ton diplôme, je t'inviterai au resto."

Translation:If you get your degree, I will take you out to the restaurant.

July 14, 2020

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je t'inviterai au resto, translated as I will invite you to the restaurant - WRONG! Duolingo announces that only "I will take you out to the restaurant" is correct... silly silly silly


I agree entirely. This is typical of some of Duolingo's ridiculous corrections.


"I will invite you to a restaurant" was accepted for me 2021-02-28.


Also "If you get your degree I'll invite you to the restaurant" was accepted (with "the")


it was but not really a correct translation.


'a' is THE correct translation!!!.


Agreed. This is clearly about offering the bribe of a free meal out for getting the degree. The French statement is idiomatic and requires an idiomatic translation. That's not to say that a more literal translation is impossible. Bring back the Tips section!


And why 'Take you OUT to...'? 'Take you to...' should be sufficient.


Attention!!! Since you are at this point I would assume that you have been plodding along with me through this course. Well this sentence highlights one of the very tricky grammar rules which does not easily translate from french to english!!!

When you are talking about going to a restaurant and not being specific... like I will take you out to A restaurant if you graduate you use the french preposition 'a'!!! And when you are being very specific as to which restaurant you use the preposition 'dans'!!

Obviously the speaker is not being specific so it is 'a + le' restaurant = au WHICH however translates to 'a restaurant' in english!

Literally the french text is 'to the restaurant' and sometimes DUO bends and accepts THE... but the proper translation is 'to a restaurant'

The only justification for accepting 'THE' here may be the verb 'inviter' but it is tenuous at best.

If you think this is gobblygook recall the many discussions/confusion re 'a' vs 'dans' when referencing restaurants... throughout the modules.


"If you obtain/get your degree, I will take you to the/a restaurant" not accepted - reported.


Doesn't "je t'inviterai" imply that I'm going to treat you (i.e., pay for the meal)? If that's the case, as a native speaker of American English, I'd say that the "out" in "will take you out" helps to bolster the idea that I'll pick up the check, rather than us splitting it (without explicitly promising that I'm going to treat).


Yes, that's it exactly. Well said.


Why there is no contraction between TU and OBTIENS? Shouldn't this be... Si t'obtiens ton diplôme, je t'inviterai au resto.


'Tu' never contracts, 'te' does.


take you or take you out is the same!


You missed your bus and will be late to cook for the breakfast shift. I have a car. I'll take you to the restaurant.


Careful... he might take you out and consider it reciprocal based on his insistence they are the same.


I got this exercise correct, but I don't understand why it's "J'obtiens" and "Tu obtiens" Why does one contract and the other not?


I take your point: "Don't all pronouns that end in vowels contract if the word that follows starts with a vowel?" Wouldn't it be nice if it were that consistent? But no. "Tu" doesn't contract. {That I know of. I'm not a native speaker, so I don't intuit every last rule. [The average native speaker doesn't know them, but rather intuits them. The folks who generally do know them all are the ones who A.) can pass for native speakers and B.) teach the language. Why? Because they had to learn the language the hard way, and they have to be able to explain it to others.]}


thanks - I must have dozed off when someone mentioned that "tu" doesn't contract. That's good to know and explains the inconsistency.


Reality tells us that Duolingo is not a reliable or professional tool to learn language in a serious way. So do not let Duo manipulate you if you still use Duolingo sometimes.

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Stupid Duo


Went out on a limb and used the drop down hints. Surprisingly, "If you get your degree, I will take you out to eat" was accepted.

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