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  5. "Meine Freunde suchen mich."

"Meine Freunde suchen mich."

Translation:My friends are looking for me.

May 15, 2013



not being a native english speaker, I used 'searching' in stead of 'seeking'. Is there a difference?


No difference, depending on your sentence structure.

  • "My friends are searching for me" ---- correct
  • "My friends are seeking me" ---- correct
  • "My friends are searching me" ---- incorrect (has a different meaning)
  • "My friends are seeking for me" ---- incorrect

Hope that helps!


In had the incorrect "My friends are searching me" i think.

Vielen dank!


No problem.
So you know, "My friends are searching me" would mean that your friends are searching your person (on you, your pockets, you pants, your shoes) for something. Like getting searched by security at an airport for illegal weapons or drugs etc...


Hohenems can u provide the translation for "My friends are searching me"...just in case if they dont believe me and start searching my pockets :]


I am not a native German speaker, all I can do is look it up.

Pons lists "Leibesvisitation" as searching a body for drugs, but I believe that to be a search involving latex gloves and your pants off ;-)

Pons also lists "jemand [nach etwas] durchsuchen" as searching somebody for something, or to frisk someone.

"durchsuchen" I think would be the word to use for "My friends are searching me." I'll make an attempt at the German and say "Meine Freunde durchsuchen mir nach etwas." I don't know if you can just say "Meine Freunde durchsuchen mir" or if you have to include the "nach etwas". Hopefully a native speaker can add to this or correct me if I'm wrong. I hope that helps to at least point you in the right direction and that I didn't give you any wrong information!


"Abtasten" could also work, it means checking an area by the touch of your hands.


Seeking suggests higher urgency / desperation, its used less often


will it be correct if i include 'für mich' ?


no. you could use "nach mir".


since suchen is the verb, the question is searching for "whom" which is dativ so why not mir here? Though the sentence sound correct with mich, i dont get the grammar behind. My understanding is if the q is for "whom" then dative and when it is for "what" it is accusative. Somebody please explain. Thanks


What's the difference between "suchen" and "aufsehen"?


suchen = "to look for/to search for"
aufsehen = "to look up(ward)"

Dictionaries will answer such questions in less than a year, though ;)


The last one was "Bitter erlauben Sie mir zu gehen." (Please permit me to leave.) Are these phrases to learn in case you are taken hostage?


Is "Meine Freunde mich suchen" correct?


No, the verb suchen needs to go in the second position after meine Freunde.


What is the differences between "suchen" and "finden"?

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