"Paul stopped by my place the day before yesterday; that was nice."

Translation:Paul est passé chez moi avant-hier, c'était sympa.

July 14, 2020

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Why can't genial be used instead of sympa


i also have this question


Why can't this also be imparfait rather than passe compose?


Because here it is obviously something that happened once at a precise time (avant-hier). It's not an habit. You would use the imparfait in such a sentence:
Tous les mardis, Paul passait chez moi, c'était sympa.


Thank you for the explanation, but I disagree that the scenario you describe is obvious. I don't believe there's enough context to rule out using the imparfait in this case, so I believe that "Paul passait chez moi avant-hier, c'était sympa" should be accepted. Reported 6 August 2020.


No sorry.. jojo is right. I am French. I will never use the imparfait in this case for the reason jojo explained in his message.. Paul passait chez moi tous les jours, c'était sympa. (used to) Paul est passé chez moi HIER. It is not an habit.. it was just yesterday.


it specifies that it happened the day before yesterday. the imparfait would be used only if there was another clause describing an event during the visit


Again, why not genial. Is genial more for super or great, not just nice?


Also, why does 'la veille d'hier' not work? Several translators give it, and it seems more specific

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