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  5. "Are you thirsty?"

"Are you thirsty?"

Translation:Onko sinulla jano?

July 14, 2020



The Finnish sentence is actually saying "Do you have thirst?" - that's how we usually express it.

Another (more literal, but less common) way of saying "Are you thirsty" is: "Oletko janoinen?" [or plural: "Oletteko janoisia?"]

Btw learners, please note there's an error on the audio. Jano is pronounced with a short 'a', not with a double vowel like it sounds right now. If it was, it would've been written like that (jaano). "Jaa no" is like saying "Oh, well..." :D


Kiitos paljon, very nice explanation :))


Oh well, let's wait for the fix. :P Nice explanation btw!


Jano is pronounced wrong, it should only be with short a as now you write it as jaano.


The pronounciation in this sentence and the others too is wrong because it hears like there is a long a like jaano but the correct one would be like with short a (jano).

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