"My grandmother used to pray at the church every morning."

Translation:Ma grand-mère priait à l'église tous les matins.

July 14, 2020

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why is DANS l'eglise incorrect.... she was INSIDE the church praying!


same question - see the phrases about preschool. It seems that 'dans' and 'a' can both be correct in some situations, but I don't understand if this is a linguistic twist that we need to try and learn, or simply DL still in development?


Actually, the English sentence said she was at the church praying, not that she was in it. Of course, most people do pray inside the church but not always.


do you know why chaque matin was not accepted


Last time the question said grand father, I said grand-père. You said no..use Papi. Now you said grand mother so I said Mamie. You gave that wrong & asked me to use grand- mère. I'm cofused Duo...pls throw some light on this!


In my experience Duo has been pretty consistent in translating grandfather to grand-père and grandmother to grand-mère while reserving Papi and Mamie for Grandpa and Grandma. That is arguably too picky, but it's at odds with what you claim to have seen.

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