"Do you want me to bring you today's newspaper?"

Translation:Vuoi che io ti porti il giornale di oggi?

May 15, 2013



why is portare in the "porti" form and not "porto"? the one who is doing the action is "I", not "you".. isn't it?

May 15, 2013


I put porto also and it is wrong. I will report it

July 25, 2014


I'm pretty sure it is porti because it is in the subjunctive tense.

May 31, 2018


I think you are right, and worth a lingot. I was going to write this, but since we haven't come near the subjunctive tense yet, I opted for "porto". In which case they should accept "porto" or remove this particular formulation...

December 16, 2018


Yes, surely an oversight. It should be 'porto' (first-person singular) instead of 'porti'.

July 28, 2014


I tried "mi vuoi portarti il giornale di oggi" which was not accepted. I'm still not sure, any comments?

December 13, 2013


I put the very same thing.

April 3, 2014


Your sentence ruffly translates to "You want I bring todays newspaper." It sounds unnatural so that was probably why they marked it wrong.

July 1, 2017


It is a subjunctive. You ask about somebody's opinion. "Vuoi che io vada a casa?" Do you want me to go home?

May 15, 2013


Good to know... even makes sense... it's just a big surprise to have these tossed in when the subjunctive is not even on the horizon of my upcoming lessons. Still enjoying the bunny slopes of Italian!

February 18, 2014


Yeah, I was refreshing a really old skill (present verbs 1) and they threw in a subjunctive?! I finished the tree awhile back but subjunctive still makes my head explode.

April 3, 2014


yes, and i thought clitics already make my head explode enough

August 6, 2014


I agree

September 18, 2018


ahh yes you are correct thanks siebolt cause i had put porto also.

October 31, 2014


Porti is the "congiuntivo" (or subjunctive in English) form of the verb. The answer is "Vuoi che io ti porti...". It's an opinion in this case and not something that is absolute.

March 7, 2015


Can someone please explain why this is 'porti' and not 'porto'.

Also why the use of 'io' .

Thank you.

May 17, 2018


This was explained several times already. It's the subjunctive.

July 30, 2018


So all subjective sentences use second person verbs regardless the action is done by first or third?

December 8, 2018


Take a look at https://www.thoughtco.com/italian-present-subjunctive-tense-p2-2011754 for a full subjunctive conjugation guide.

December 8, 2018


which hasn't been introduced yet...

December 16, 2018
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