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"The teacher has five classes."

Translation:Die Lehrerin hat fünf Klassen.

5 years ago



Does this mean class as in courses the teacher teaches or class as in grade? As in: Ich bin in der fünften Klasse. One does not, however, say "Ich habe fünf Klassen" unless you are a teacher and you teach five different grades.

4 years ago


I'm pretty sure it means the teacher has five groups of people with whom he will meet and instruct. It could be five different groups, or five different topics, or some combination of the two, but definitely five different sessions, though not necessarily different grades.

3 years ago

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Why in the drop down did it gave me Der Lehrerin? Even in my brain I thought that was wrong but figured since it gave it to me that is was right. Why does this happen? I have screenshots if needed.

3 years ago

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It's first nominative, then accusative and the dative (:

4 months ago