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"We want to spend more time at home."

Translation:Haluamme viettää enemmän aikaa kotona.

July 14, 2020



Could someone explain the meaning of the word "viettää"? Wiktionary lists the meanings, to spend time, to vacation, to celebrate and to slope(??). I can't really see the connection between all of these. Spend time and be on vacation is ok (both have to do with time, it seems), and to celebrate is also within the realm of possible interpretations, but incline or slope?


When I celebrate I either juhlin (from the infinitive juhlia) or I can have a celebration for example my birthday: vietän syntymäpäivääni. This vietän version does not necessarily include a party. I could put a notice on the newspaper: vietän syntymäpäivääni ulkomailla (I'll be abroad on my birthday). Actually this is related to spending time too. The slope thing means that for example a river bank slopes towards the river: joen ranta viettää jokea kohti. I guess that originates from the word viedä which means to take something somewhere. The river bank is sort of taking you to the river because it's downhill all the way. This one has no connection to time


The river-time connection is actually similar in my language too, which is Bulgarian. we have a word which fits for both slope and spend (time) - прекарвам.

Just wondering - will the team include and when the Bulgarian between the languages? Is somebody working on it or not any Bulgarian involved so far?


Ah. So sort of a "convergent evolution" of the words then?


Winter 2020/2021 in lockdown: Me emme halua viettää enemmän aikaa kotona. :(

[deactivated user]

    Should also accept lisää aikaa also


    As far as I understand - lisää is used when something is over and you want to do it again, while viettää is used for something that is still ongoing.


    Ah, paska! In stead of kotona I did put kotissa....


    koti is a word with consonant gradation (typical for words ending on -t-+-vowel), so -t- becomes -d- in most cases, included Inessiivi: kodissa

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