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I'm using VN-EN to learn Vietnamese - the other way around. :)

I've noticed some spelling and grammar errors in the first few lessons, both in English (he reads newspaper, which should be he reads newspapers or he reads the newspaper) as well as in Vietnamese (use of bánh mì and bánh mỳ mixed) and other strange things like capital letters of words to drag that are incorrect... Is there any way to report such things? :)

August 7, 2014

5 Nhận xét

Ah, I must have missed the "report" button due to the fact that I don't speak Vietnamese very well yet and the interface is all in Vietnamese... :D What's it actually called? I'll make good use of it!

Well, for example, there would be this Vietnamese text "Những người đàn ông ăn bánh mì." and you have English words that need to be put in the right order: [the] [Men] [eat] [bread]. "the" should be "The" and "Men" should be "men". If I encouter such things again I'll send a report. :)

I just noticed a strange one too in a "select all correct translations" question...

Vietnamese text: "Những người phụ nữ ăn bữa sáng." and there were two correct answers: The women eat breakfast. The women have a breakfast.

"to have a breakfast" is kind of weird... That should probably be "to have breakfast", like "to have lunch" or "to have dinner"; you don't have /a/ breakfast... ;)

You can find it by the name "Báo lỗi"

About capital letters, I think that is because we take advantage of the compact form while creating the course to save our time, which is something like

[The/] men eat bread

1) The men eat bread

2) Men eat bread.

Unforunately this issue is not in our top priority list right now.

The example that you pointout sounds strange indeed, we will fix them faster if you click Báo lỗi. One more thing, my team is about to recruit some new contributors and we will need someone who is a native english speaker but also they have to be fluent in Vietnamese, so if you know anyone, please tell them to apply here

Thank you for the reply. Like I said, if I find any more strange things, I'll click "Báo lỗi". :)

I'm afraid that I don't know any native English speakers who also speak Vietnamese... I speak English like a native but I've only just started learning the beautiful Tiếng Việt so I guess that I don't fit the bill. :D

That's okay. I appreciate your feedback We need a native from the other side to avoid having such awakard english sentences like you said

You can report it by clicking the report button below each sentence or create a discussion here. I don't quite get your idea about capital letters, can you give me some examples?

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